Powerglide Heritage Connoisseur (two-piece)
Powerglide soft cue sleeve
Quote startA beautifully tapered cue with perfect grain and chevrons.Quote end

PowerGlide Heritage Connoisseur centre-jointed snooker cue

PowerGlide have introduced their Heritage collection.

These are recreations of some of their most popular models from yesteryear and feature original features such as the distinctive PowerGlide nameplate along with the latest PowerGlide features such as the Pyramid quick release joint.

Each cue has been hand-made with meticulous care from the very finest materials and these cues are bound to become collectors' items in their own right.

The connoisseur is Powerglide's most prestigious cue, and features a beautifully crafted butt with ebony, maple and rosewood splices for a distinctive look which oozes quality.

• 57" shaft made from a single piece of the finest ash
• Seemlessly matching grain butt and shaft
• Powerglide nameplate
• Brass ferrule with 9.5mm Elkmaster tip
• Supplied with Powerglide soft cue case

You can watch a video of John test-driving the new Heritage range here.

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