Riley Elegance (RELE-2, rosewood and thuya)

Riley Elegance cue (rosewood and thuya) three-quarter cue

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The Riley name has long been associated with innovative snooker products but the new Elegance range is a complete reinvention of the snooker cue.

Riley have thrown away everything they know about cues and started again, fusing the very best individual components from around the world with the latest technology and exotic hard woods to come up with something very special indeed.

Shaft. L8 Laminated shafts are the most significant step forward in cue shaft technology for many years – they offer a real performance advantage over standard ash shafts. The L8 is made of eight Pieces of ash cut like a cake into eight equal segments and laminated together to create a technologically advanced shaft without parallel.

When you bind eight pieces of wood together, the strength of the pieces is significantly greater than a signle piece of wood, making the shaft significantly more difficult to break. This provides three major differences between a standard shaft and this new ground breaking L8 shaft.

Firstly the Laminated shaft is much stronger which makes it bend less when striking the ball thus creating less deflection when applying side. In effect the enhanced rigidity of the shaft means the cue ball takes the side without deviating (bending) as much as a standard Ash Shaft.

Secondly, cue power is important for all players. Because the eight piece laminated shaft is much stronger, when applying spin the cue ball is far more reactive. This means less action is required to impart on the cue ball all the necessary top, side and screw.

And thirdly the L8 shaft resists warping far better than a standard shaft.

L8 is the first major breakthrough in cue shaft technology - we predict that many of the World's top professionals will begin to use it over the next few years.

Butt. The butt section is turned from hand selected Rosewood, chosen because it is extremely strong and durable and can be finished to the highest standards – only the best is good enough for the Elegance range. The all round four point splice is crafted from Thuya. The Thuya tree is a unique conifer that is related to the cedar. Found only in one specific region in Morocco, it boasts exceptional natural patterns and grain, found only in the root – hence why Thuya is so exclusive.

Joint. The Elegance range are the first cues we know of to use the Bullet joint from Uni-loc. Uni-loc are recognised as the leading precision joint manufacturer in the world and their inclusion in a snooker cue is very welcome.

Tip. Manufactured in Japan using a secret process, these laminated tips are used by some of the World’s top cuesports professionals. The Kamui tip consists of six layers of high quality pig skin laminated together in such a way as to maximise the ability of the tip to absorb chalk. More chalk means more grip; more grip means more control – the length of screwback possible surprises even seasoned players. You can also improve your pot percentage and breakbuilding – the construction of the tip means that the player can achieve the same action on the cue ball by applying less force. This allows accurate positioning during a break, but also means that the ball you are trying to pot will be moving slower – slower moving balls are more likely to drop into pockets. They also last longer than any tip available on the market today – the best tip in the world to grace the best cue in the world.

All Elegance cues come with a life-time guarantee.

Currently unavailable. Discontinued.