Cue Craft Triumph Professional Snooker Cue (TR5)
Cue Craft Extending Extension - JointedCue Craft Mini Butt Extension

Cue Craft Triumph Professional Snooker Cue (TR5)

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Every cue in the Triumph range has been produced using only the finest quality ebony, ash and exotic timbers available. Each is fitted with Cue Craft's latest interlock brass joint for added strength and stability.

The ash shafts have been especially selected for accuracy and balance and are finished to an extremely high degree of smoothness using their latest 'silkline' technique.

Truly remarkable pieces of workmanship for the player who wants the best.

This English-made hand-spliced cue features ash, ebony, cocobolo and maple timbers with yellow, red and orange veneers.

It comes supplied with a jointed extended extension and an extending jointed mini-butt extension.

Please note that there is a surcharge of £14.95 for cues weighing 20oz or more or cues over 58" in length.

This cue is also available in our Cue Craft Triumph Professional Package (TR5) which contains a superb case, extensions and other accessories — everything you need to get the most out of the game.

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Currently unavailable. Discontinued.

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Aluminium Three Piece Snooker Cue Case (silver)


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