Riley Hybrid Two-piece snooker cue (ARG-34)
Riley Hybrid Soft Sleeve
Quote startThis is a unique looking cue with futuristic design and features. I love the feel of the new grip!Quote end

Riley Hybrid Snooker Cue (ARG-34)

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Feel the difference with the hybrid grip, designed to enhance traction. It's a moulded polyurethane golf-like grip which provides a more controlled feel -- and the softer grip material means there is less potential for moisture build up on the hand.

Cue Features:
Two-piece, centre jointed cue
Grade 'A' North American Ash shaft
Quality Ash butt with black and silver design
Hybrid golf club-like grip section
Riley butt cap
9.5mm leather tip
Rapid release collar joint
Cue measures approx. 57"
Weighs approx 19oz.
Complete with Riley Hybrid cue sleeve

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Currently unavailable. Discontinued.

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