Peradon Warwick Two-piece
Peradon Warwick (Butt close up)

Peradon Warwick Centre-jointed Snooker Cue

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Peradon introduce the Warwick -- a three-quarter jointed cue with ash shaft and four-point machine-spliced genuine ebony butt decorated with an olive wood front-splice and sycamore and black veneers.

Full size (58") Snooker Cue crafted from hand selected, kiln dried timbers.

Features a polished brass ferrule and 9-10mm Elkmaster tip.

Each cue undergoes numerous finishing processes to achieve a unique 'silk smooth' cue shaft.

Features a solid brass Peradon 'Quick Action' fitted centrally and a butt-joint to accept a range of optional extensions.

This cue can optionally be fitted with an engraved disc or plate with your name. Just add the personalised disc or plate product below and specify the text you'd like engraving in the comments box during checkout. Please allow up to 7 days (disc) or 14 days (plate) for a personalised cue to arrive.

All of our Peradon cues are the latest model from Peradon's 2019 range with the latest joints and accessories. Don't unknowingly buy an older model!

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Personalised Disc


Normally £29.90
You save £3.00 (10%)

Personalised Plate


Normally £39.90
You save £4.00 (10%)

6" ebonised mini-butt (for Peradon cues)


Normally £23.90
You save £2.40 (10%)

20" Ebonised Midi Butt (for Peradon butt-jointed cues)


Normally £32.90
You save £3.40 (10%)

12" Telescopic Mini Butt (for Peradon butt-jointed cues)


Normally £39.90
You save £4.00 (10%)

Butt-weight / joint protector (for Peradon cues)


Normally £9.50
You save £0.95 (10%)

Spacer weight (for Peradon cues)


Normally £11.50
You save £1.10 (10%)

Cue accessory pack (3 Triangle chalk, 5 Elkmaster tips, towel, ball marker)


Normally £10.20
You save £1.00 (10%)

Two Piece Leather Case


Normally £179.90
You save £18.00 (10%)

Aluminium Two Piece Case


Normally £45.90
You save £4.60 (10%)

Clubman Two-piece Black Leather Effect Case


Normally £44.90
You save £4.50 (10%)

Halo Two-piece Black Leather Effect Aluminium Case


Normally £65.90
You save £6.60 (10%)

Two-Piece Vinyl Short-Zip Cue Case With Strap


Normally £12.90
You save £1.30 (10%)

Black Nylon Short-Zip Two-Piece Cue Case


Normally £20.90
You save £2.10 (10%)

Two-Piece Full-Zip Case (will hold cue and extension)


Normally £26.90
You save £2.70 (10%)

Two-Piece Attache Case


Normally £24.50
You save £2.50 (10%)

Two-Piece and Extension Attache Case


Normally £37.90
You save £3.90 (10%)