Cue Craft English Pool Case (LAR3)

Cue Craft Three Piece Arrow Patterned Leatherette Case

This product is not currently available.

Leatherette "Arrow Patterned" three-piece case. Solidly constructed with 4 brass catches and 4 brass hinges.

Divided into 3 internally to hold cue shaft, butt and extension, and a separate chalk compartment. With a padded lid to protect the contents the case is lined with an attractive suede-like material.

Exterior Length: 129cm
Interior Length (Shaft Section): 119cm
Interior Length (Butt Section): 41cm
Interior Length (Extensions Section): 76cm
Interior Chalk Tray: 3cm
Width: 3"
Colours available: Black/Blue, Black/Burgundy or Black/White.

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Currently unavailable. Discontinued.