Powerglide Vortex Three-Quarter Snooker Cue
Powerglide Vortex Snooker Cue (butt)Powerglide Soft Cue SleevePowerglide Three-piece Extensions

PowerGlide Professional Vortex Three Quarter Cue (with sleeve and extensions)

African Ebony front splice set against striking four point Purple Heart exotic wood with five point natural veneers.

Professional features:

* Exotic wood
* Ebony butt
* Hand-made splices
* Selected enhanced grain ash shaft
* Matching straight grain
* Clear feathering
* Precision-engineered quick release joint
* 9.5mm Elkmaster tip
* Brass ferrule
* 57" long.
* 18oz

This cue is supplied with a soft cue sleeve, 29" extension and 6" mini-butt.

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£144.90 (including VAT & UK delivery)
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