Unicorn Barney Silver Star Steel

Unicorn Silver Star Raymond Van Barneveld Signature Darts

Hallmark darts offer affordable excellence for demanding players of all standards. Using World Class Unicorn engineering, the Hallmark range provides unrivalled player appeal across a broad range of materials and configurations.

Why tungsten for darts? The UniBoffin explains:

Tungsten is Swedish for "heavy stone" and was well-named, being one of the densest substances known. The pure metal weighs around 19gms/cc, and although this reduces slightly when it is combined with small amounts of, eg, nickel to produce a more workable material, the resultant alloy. will still be 50% denser than lead and maybe twice as dense as brass or steel.

Dart barrels in high percentage tungsten alloy can hence be far thinner for a given weight and length than ones made from more traditional materials, which obviously helps to avoid bed-blocking and allows three of them to nestle nicely in the treble 20 with room to spare. Another advantage here is tungsten's exceptional hardness, which means those nestling barrels will be resistant to damage.

Although tungsten is perhaps not the ultimate material for dart barrels (gold, which is of similar density, is too soft, but a case could be made for platinum/iridium at over 21gms/cc), it is certainly close and it has a distinct affordability advantage over the competition!


* Natural Tungsten
* Gripper II shafts
* Compact case
* Engraved Unicorn Hallmark
* Weight 24g

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£24.90 (including VAT & UK delivery)
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