Unicorn John Lowe Black Titanium Darts

Unicorn John Lowe Black Titanium

Why titanium for darts? The UniBoffin explains:

In aerospace titanium alloy finds employment where the strength of steel is required in a lighter material - it's only a little over half the weight. Unicorn exploit these properties too in the ZeroD nose cone, but also use the metal as a stronger, if heavier (and a little more expensive!) alternative to aluminium as a shaft material.

But titanium's darting uses don't end there because the non-slip surfaces of Black and Golden Titanium barrels are produced by a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process which involves ionisation of the metal in a nitrogen environment to form a plasma which penetrates the barrel surface and creates a colourable, dense, hard-wearing, coating of titanium nitride.


* Barrel designs as used by World Champions on TV
* Black Titanium PVD non-slip grip
* XL Ti 100% Black Titanium shaft
* Guaranteed Weight of 21g (Certified 0.1g)
* Premium Wallet
* Engraved Unicorn hallmark

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£69.50 (including VAT & UK delivery)
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