Professional Cue (5076)

Tricues Super Nova 2 Piece Cue (Red/Blue/Black)

Tricues are a revolutionary new idea in cue design. The section of the cue that runs through the bridge hand is triangular in profile which gives players more control by preventing the cue from turning along its length and, as an added benefit, reduces side-to-side movement.

As a result players are more accurate in striking the cue ball increasing confidence dramatically. Using a Tricue does not diminish the skill needed to play the game, but it does improve consistency and accuracy, especially for those who haven't developed a rock-steady bridge hand through years of practice.

Using a tricue gives more control when playing long shots, breaking off, and indeed all shots. But an added benefit is how much easier it is to play off a cushion due to the flatness introduced to the shaft.

2 piece cue
Shaft constructed from one piece of Ash
Spliced exotic hardwood butt
Red/Blue/Black décor
9.5mm tip
Length 57 inches
Weight 18oz
Patented Tricues profile

Superior quality, spliced Tricues snooker/ pool cue.

A Tricue allows the player to strike the cue ball more accurately because the cue does not twist in the bridging hand, lateral movement is also greatly reduced. It's simple and it works.
The first 8cm of the cue (from the tip) is round section. The next 47-48cm of the cue has the patented Tricues triangular cross-section. The cue then returns to the standard round section to the butt.

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