Kamui Black Snooker Tip (10mm, Medium Hard)
Kamui Black Snooker Tip (9mm, Medium Hard)Kamui Black Snooker Tip (11mm, Medium Hard)

Kamui Black Snooker Tip (Medium-Hard)

This is the black tip from KAMUI™, the world's most respected brand of leather tip.

The black tip is made from a different kind of leather which has greater elasticity leading to increased spin even on slow shots. The black tip was the first Kamui tip available in the UK and has thus developed a strong following.

MH (Medium-hard) -- Recommended for players who are confident in their cue actions and time the ball well. When striking the cue ball hard tips create a less elastic collision which means good timing is essential to eliminate mis-cues and generate spin.

Currently unavailable. New stock expected end of September, 2017.

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